About Jozee Designs

Design in a nutshell

In a nutshell, design is problem solving. Graphic design is visual communication. Our goal is to communicate your mountain of information in an engaging, attractive way, whether printed or on the Web. We like to make it look simple. Problem solved.

Since 1992, we’ve been a small, focused design team. We believe the design process is all about you, what we can do for you and what's best for your business. Our designs are all about communicating with your customers and getting that done in an efficient, attractive way.

We started small to give our clients great service and stayed small so we can focus on personalization and customization.

Graphic designer Joe CamblinJoe Camblin, Owner, Designer
Truth be told, Joe is not comfortable with the title Graphic Designer. Designer, by itself, feels better but often triggers the question, designer of what? Interior designer? Nope. Fashion or jewelry designer? Definitely not! (Old t-shirts and generic label jeans or biking shorts just don't cut it in the fashion industry.) Architectural, Furniture, Landscape or Urban Designer? No, no, no, and no. Twenty plus years as a professional drummer, he must be a sound, set, or stage designer, right? Close...in a way...but no!

Graphic designer Daniele JonesDaniele Jones, Designer, Illustrator
Also a fine artist, Daniele got all her computer brains from Joe, and is trying to pass him up in Photoshop artistry and code poetry. Daniele fondly remembers the days of her first Pentium 100 - how everyone was jealous and how we had to put an extra memory chip on the video card to get more than 256 colors. She loves digging in to code to create...